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Natural Elements Therapeutic Massage




Sarga Bodywork 


Sarga Bodywork is a barefoot massage method that employs the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table to deliver therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue techniques. This fabric strap is used by practitioners for stability and to add tensional and gravitational force to specific manual therapy methods. These methods, combined with the broad contact surface of the foot facilitate less restriction and more ease and relaxation in recipients’ bodies.‚Äč




90 min          $130.00

    120 min         $160.00       



Traditional Thai Massage


Based on the traditional bodywork of Thailand, Thai massage is done on the floor on a specially designed mat with the client fully clothed (loose, comfortable clothing). It combines gentle rocking, deep tissue massage techniques, and a series of yoga inspired stretches.



 90 min          $130.00

   60 min          $90.00     



Therapeutic Massage


A customized blend of techniques suited to fit the client’s specific needs. Performed on the table, Mindy incorporates the years of training and experience to bring together aspects from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Lomi Lomi and Sarga. Additional use of tools, such as massage cups, gua sha (scraping), essential oils, bamboo, etc., may be used to increase the clients therapeutic experience. 



60 min          $90.00
90 min         $120.00
120 min        $150.00